The Consulate is offering our VIDEO CONFERENCING option (WhatsApp)

(A)   Pensioners living out of state and those confined to their home /hospital

 The following steps should be taken;

  • Pensioners are advised to contact the office to schedule an appointment at: [email protected] or telephone number (212) 947-5110
  • Once an appointment is scheduled, pensioners are advised to obtain the relevant life certificate form from that National Insurance Scheme (NIS) website:
  • During video conference, pensioner will be required to complete the form, and sign/thumbprint in the presence of the Consul General or a designated You should then mail the completed document (s) along with copy of valid photo identification to the Consulate office. Consulate Address
  • The Consulate will notarize the document(s) which will be scanned and submit to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).
  • Same steps apply to the Ministry of Finance pensioners.


(B)   Pensioners living in the Tri- State Area

  • Pensioners in the Tri State area can continue to visit the office as usual to have their life certificates notarized.
  • These measures remain in place until further notice.